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posted on 31/01/12

Poetica MN2

Here it is the first MN rod (Michael Nardi)! This is an evolution of the rod Poetica,  which were made technical amendments to further increase the casting performance. With the powerful version of the actual 250 grams, which were reached by casting performance real-built car, there are two other new models 160 and 200 grams effective... Read More

Cassiopea MN

The latest generation of three pieces Cassiopeia MN, produced in collaboration with Michele Nardi (silk-screened logo MN), takes another technologic steep to become a perfect rod for expert angler.  The blank are manufactured by CX-2 Carbon Nano Tek the best HM Carbon has been further tightened with a spiralling reinforcement (Cross Winding) that greatly increases the rigidity and power range with an extremely fin calibration and a sensitive solid carbon tip... Read More


Nemesea è caratterizzata da ottime fi niture ed anche in fatto di componenti si assesta su un buon livello: stesso pomello delle serie al top, elegante placca nera, inserti fosforescenti e anelli a doppio ponte antisalsedine, che come nelle serie più prestigiose sono legati a mano. La Nemesea pur collocandosi in una fascia di prezzo media è l’unica canna che praticamente ha le stesse prestazioni delle top di gamma. Il tutto coadiuvato da un’estetica solare!... Continua a Leggere


Cattura Beach MN

Top of the range beach casting rod, developed in conjunction with Michele Nardi. After extensive testing we have created a rod that while remaining sensitive, can reach the very limits of beach casting with ease. The credit for this goes to  the new materials available combined with a very accurate and experienced  project... Read More

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